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Avanti Spiretti Drum Spiral Veg Slicer with 3 Blades 12597

Avanti Spiretti Drum Spiral Veg Slicer with 3 Blades 12597

$34.95 $46.95

Sick of being on the edge of slicing your fingers during meal prep? Say goodbye to dangerous blades with the Spriette Spiral Vegetable Multi Blade Slicer.

Easily create zoodles (zucchini noodles) at home, the slicers thin spiral blade creates spaghetti-sized cuts, while the thick spiral blade creates medium-thick curly cuts. Lastly, the ribbon blade makes wider cuts perfect for salads and more.

It’s simple and safe to use, too. Just lift off the grey lid, use the spiked holder to keep a grip of your preferred vegetable, and then replace the lid. Turn the crank, and your vegetables will be sliced instantly, with your hands well away from any sharp blades.

  • Designed in Australia.

  • Made from food-safe plastic with stainless steel slicing blades.

  • Non-slip base ring.

  • Three interchangeable blade plates including a thin spiral blade (for zoodles), a thick spiral blade and a ribbon blade.

  • Crank handles provide smooth rotation and effortless slicing.

  • Frame housing blade plate keeps fingers safely away while slicing.

  • Blade plates simply slide and lock into place.

  • Blade plates securely store in collecting container when not in use.

  • Colour: White

  • Material: Food Grade Plastic & Stainless Steel Blade

  • Blade: 3 Interchangeable Blade Plates

  • Dimension: Overall: 180mm wide x 140mm deep x 220mm high

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