Electrolux 7kg Sensor Dry Vented Dryer EDV705H3WB

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This white Electrolux vented dryer has the capacity to dry 7 kg (1kg the weight of one dry towel) or one queen doona, which is perfect for households of three or four.. Its 10 types of drying programs enable you to program each load of laundry for the best results. Also, the white Electrolux EDV705H3WB features reverse tumbling, delicates, refresh, and iron dry programs. It has a 2 star energy rating. This white vented dryer is 795mm high, 600mm wide, and 600mm deep, so measure your laundry carefully to ensure it will fit, remembering to leave the space needed for the vent. 

Key Features: 

  • Sensor Dry : Sensor Dry cares for your clothes. 3 settings dry your clothes just right without overdrying.
  • Durable stainless steel drum
  • Wall mount option with reversible control panel decal
  • Clean Filter Indicator : A reminder to clean the filter, keeping your dryer running in optimal condition, saving time and energy.
  • Efficient Reverse Tumbling Action : The tumble action alternates from clockwise to anti-clockwise. This reduces clothes tangling and bunching, so they dry evenly and quicker.
Drying Capacity: 7kg
Dryer Type: Sensor
Energy Rating: 2 Star
Wall Mountable: Yes
Colour/Finish: White
No. Of Programs: 10
Drying Program Type: auto sensing, delicate, refresh, extra dry, iron dry, timed programs, cupboard dry, drying regular, drying mixed, bed linen
Drying Options: delicates setting, heat settings, auto sensing, reverse tumbling action, time dry, Dryness level, End Alert
Dryness Levels: extra, iron dry, cupboard
Product Width (mm): 600
Product Height (mm): 795
Product Depth (mm): 600
Additional Features: optional rear venting, directional front vent grille
Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Year

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