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Galaxy Tiger 2in1 Electric Hot Pot with BBQ Grill SET-400A

Galaxy Tiger 2in1 Electric Hot Pot with BBQ Grill SET-400A

$125.00 $139.00
  • ★ PERFECT FOR GATHERINGS - Needing to find the perfect dish to serve your family and friends at the next gathering. Look no further than to prepare a wonderful pot of home made hot pot steamboat and BBQ. Simply make the broth, prepare your favourite ingredients and start cooking. All you need to do is put what you want to eat in the pot and grill, sit back and let the electric hot pot with BBQ do the rest. It is the perfect way of bringing your family and friends together.
  • ★ HOTPOT with BBQ GRILL - Combination of “Chinese” steamboat with “western” BBQ together in one pot. Whether your guests want to shabu shabu or grill their food, you are sure that everyone's taste is accommodated.
  • ★ SAVE MONEY - There is no more need to go out to restaurants to enjoy hot pot. The perfect past time can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Because it is such an easy meal to prepare, why go out to eat when you can eat it in and save money. Nothing beats a home cooked meal and extra money in the wallet.
  • ★ PREMIUM QUALITY- The Galaxy Tiger electric hot pot with grill includes a high quality, durable and light stainless steel cooking pot with a unique “flat-top” tapered heater in the centre for grilling. Made from heavy cast iron non-stick aluminium, the grill pan will heat evenly. There is a transparent vented high-tempered glass lid included with grip handles that are heat resistant. Plus the base features anti-skid silicone feet for safety.

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