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Mitsubishi Electric 743L French/Multi Drawer Fridge (Dark Mahogany) MR-WX743CBRA


Spacious, built with multiple compartments, and elegantly crafted, the Mitsubishi 743L MR-WX743CBRA French Door Fridge lets you maintain the freshness of different kinds of food and produce while adding a sophisticated look to your kitchen.

Key Features
  • The Mitsubishi 743L MR-WX743CBRA French Door Fridge has Smart Cube technology, letting it provide ample storage capacity and optimal insulation without increasing its.
  • To keep fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh for longer, this French Door Fridge has a dedicated drawer featuring higher humidity levels compared to the main compartment.
  • This Mitsubishi refrigerator has a Versa drawer with Supercool Freezing and Soft Freezing modes to preserve quality of frozen food without affecting moisture and taste.
  • For storing taller items at the front, the 743L MR-WX743CBRA French Door fridge has a two-way flexible middle shelf which can be slid back easily to halve its size.
  • The MR-WX743CBRA fridge has a Supercool chilling function, making it suitable for storing perishable goods without freezing them (approximately -3 to 0-degrees Celsius).

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