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Mitsubishi Electric 743L French/Multi Drawer Fridge (Dark Mahogany) MR-WX743CBRA

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Spacious, built with multiple compartments, and elegantly crafted, the Mitsubishi 743L MR-WX743CBRA French Door Fridge lets you maintain the freshness of different kinds of food and produce while adding a sophisticated look to your kitchen.

Key Features
  • The Mitsubishi 743L MR-WX743CBRA French Door Fridge has Smart Cube technology, letting it provide ample storage capacity and optimal insulation without increasing its.
  • To keep fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh for longer, this French Door Fridge has a dedicated drawer featuring higher humidity levels compared to the main compartment.
  • This Mitsubishi refrigerator has a Versa drawer with Supercool Freezing and Soft Freezing modes to preserve quality of frozen food without affecting moisture and taste.
  • For storing taller items at the front, the 743L MR-WX743CBRA French Door fridge has a two-way flexible middle shelf which can be slid back easily to halve its size.
  • The MR-WX743CBRA fridge has a Supercool chilling function, making it suitable for storing perishable goods without freezing them (approximately -3 to 0-degrees Celsius).

Smart Cube design

With a large capacity, the refrigerator is larger than you would expect for one with such compact dimensions – this is due to the Smart Cube design, developed by Mitsubishi Electric. The Smart Cube technology increases capacity without enlarging the dimensions, while keeping top-class energy efficiency at the same time. Wall thickness is reduced without any loss of efficiency – due to a unique Vacuum Insulation Panel and proprietary urethane-filling technology – while high-density urethane reinforces the walls of the refrigerator.

4.0 Star Energy Rating*

The number of stars on the energy rating label is useful to help compare the efficiency of one refrigerator against a similar model. With inverter technology, the WX series boasts of a 4.0 Star Energy Rating for efficiency which can potentially provide savings on your yearly energy bill.

*MR-WX743C-S-A, MR-WX743C-BR-A, MR-WX743C-W-A and MR-WX500C-S-A, MR-WX500C-W-A models only

The vegetable drawer

Designed to maximise the freshness of produce. The drawer features a higher humidity than the main refrigerator compartment and is ideal for storing and keeping fruit and vegetables crisper and fresher for longer. It also has a tray at the top which is ideal for storage and organisation of smaller items such as fruit.

Vegetable Clean Tray

The Vegetable Drawer features a lining tray with a Hybrid Nano Coating, developed by Mitsubishi Electric, works like a micrometer non-stick coating preventing dirt and other materials sticking to it. The tray is removable for easy cleaning keeping the refrigerator hygienic.

Versa drawer

Offering the ultimate functionality in preserving food quality without losing moisture and taste. Making storage more convenient and preparation a breeze even while food is still frozen. The Versa Drawer has two main modes, Supercool Freezing and Soft Freezing. When additional storage capacity is required it can also be utilised for standard freezing.

Two-way flexible shelf system (middle shelf)

This two part shelf slides back easily to halve its size, allowing taller items to be stored at the front of the refrigerator compartment.

The freezer drawer

Divided by a Sliding Tray at the top that can be pushed back to reveal the rest of the freezer drawer. The Freezer Drawer is roomy enough to fit bulky items such as ice cream tubs, loaves of bread and frozen vegetables. The top tray is ideal for storage and organisation of flat pack items such as meat packs.

Supercool chilling compartment

The Supercool chilling function is ideal for storing meat, fish, or other perishable food without freezing it, at about -3°C to 0°C. This provides the convenience of food ready to cook without the need to defrost it.

Ergonomic and user friendly

Designed for frequent access, the refrigeration compartment that is accessed most commonly is positioned at chest height. The separate drawers are placed conveniently from waist height down; providing quick and easy access, when preparing meals.

Non-plumbed automatic ice maker

As there is no separate plumbing connection required, the fridge can be placed anywhere not just near existing pipework’s. Simply fill the removable water tank and the Ice Maker is ready to go!

Hot freezing

The temperature sensor in the Versa Drawer automatically detects hot food and adjusts the cold air flow directly onto the hot food, saving time and preserving the quality and freshness of the food.

Large bottle pockets

The smart big bottle door pocket is designed for convenient storage and retrieval of large and small bottles. The door pocket also features handy side door access.

Refrigerator Type WX Series 6 Door
Model MR-WX743C
Capacity (litres) Freezer Compartment AS Gross** 151
Refrigerator Compartment AS Gross** 377
Ice Making Compartment AS Gross** 25
Versa Compartment AS Gross** 56
Vegetable Compartment AS Gross** 134
Total AS Gross** 743
Dimensions (mm) Width   800
Height   1821
Depth   738
Clearance dimensions (mm) Top   50
Left   5
Right   5
Back   -
Packaging dimensions (mm) Width   860
  Length   805
  Height   1890
Packaging volume (m3)     1.308
Weight (kg) Net   142
  Gross   150
Energy Efficiency      
Energy Star Rating 4.0 Stars
Energy Consumption (kWh/year) 430
Inverter compressor Yes
Refrigerant type R600a
Refrigerator Compartment    
Multi Air-Flow System Yes
LED Compartment Light Yes
Moisturising Cooling Yes
Tempered Glass Shelves Yes
Separate Shelf (Middle Shelf) Yes
Two-Way Flexi Shelf (Middle Shefl) Yes
Side Take-Out Pocket Yes
Auto Closer Yes
Water Tank Yes
Egg Tray 1
Adjustable Pocket Yes
Vegetable Clean Tray Yes
Slide Case      
Wide Chilled Case (Upper Case) Yes
Supercool Chilling Case / Chilled Case (Lower Case) Yes
Vegetable Compartment      
Moist Vegetable Yes
VitaLED Yes
Smooth Case Roller Yes
Wide Open Case Yes
Ice-Making Compartment      
Direct Water Supply Auto Ice Maker Yes
Anti Bacteria Washable Ice Tray Yes
All Washable Water Supply Parts Yes
Quick Ice Making Mode Yes
Required Time for Quick Ice Making (min.) 75
Water Tank Capacity (L) 1.2
Freezer Compartment      
Freezing Case (Upper) Yes
Wide Open Case Yes
Versa Compartment      
Supercool Yes
Soft Freezing Yes
Hot Freezing Yes
Aluminium Tray Yes
Glass Finish Door Yes
Fresh Air Filter (Anti-Bacteria & Deodoriser) Yes
New Heat Insulating Construction (SMART CUBE) Yes
New Smooth Wave Inverter Yes
Neuro Fuzzy Yes
Rapid Cooling Yes
ECO Mode Yes
Power Save Mode Yes
Door Alarm Yes
TTL Number of Sensors 16
Number of Temperature Sensors 8
Number of Door Sensors 6
Number of Ambient Temperature Sensors 1
Number of Defrost Sensors 1

MR-WX743C-S-A2 Argent Silver
MR-WX743C-W-A2 Diamond White
MR-WX743C-BR-A2 Dark Mahogany

Also known as


** Gross Capacity = Based on AS-Standards (Australia)

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