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Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker SD-ZB2512KST

$449.00 $499.00
Let each morning greet you with the pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread, with the Fully Automated Bread Maker from Panasonic.

Go beyond standard white bread with a choice of 33 dough modes. Prepare your very own rustic sourdough, created with a long fermentation process, or bake pizza dough, fluffy scones, or rye bread. If you’re partial to fruit bread, you can use the Automatic Ingredients Dispenser to load sultanas or raisins and let the unit mix these evenly into your dough. This dispenser also knows the optimal time to add yeast to your mixture. You can bake with consistency thanks to the in-built temperature sensor that keeps track of the room temperature during baking and makes adjustments to the chosen program to have your bread rise without ruin. With three different size options, it doesn’t matter whether you’re baking a snack loaf or a loaf to share at your next family gathering. You can also choose from a light, medium, or dark crust. Once you’ve baked your bread, it’s time for the spread - use the unit to concoct your very own jam or compote.

Versatile baking modes, automatic mixing, and smart temperature sensing - what more could you knead?

33 Baking/Dough modes

Baying for brioche? Reeling for rye? Think sourdough is a pretty sweet choice? Your options are plentiful with this bread maker. You can even use it to make jam and compote, or to make your very own pizza dough. With 33 programs at your disposal, you can take one step closer to your artisan aspirations.

Unique temperature sensor

The unit’s temperature sensor constantly monitors the ambient room temperature during baking and tweaks performance to suit your chosen program. This ensures consistent results that won’t be compromised by the external temperature.

Size and Crust colour options

There are three loaf size options and three options for crust colour, so the unit will deliver no matter the occasion or your taste preferences. You can use the small loaf setting to experiment with a new recipe, or the large setting when it’s your turn to bring a plate.

Automatic ingredients dispenser

Add yeast at the optimal time for mixing, or use the removable fruit and nut dispenser to combine ingredients for a delicious fruit bread. Different ingredients are mixed evenly so each mouthful is bursting with the perfect amount of flavour.

Digital Timer (up to 13 Hours)
Auto Yeast/Raisin & Nut Dispenser
Easy-clean Pan/Kneading Blade
100% Gluten Free Bread Program

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