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Teco 2.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner TWS-TSO25HVGT

$562.00 $624.00


  • 2.5KW Cool / Heat Inverter Reverse Cycle
  • Comfort Series
  • Interactive Digital Display
  • High Density Filter
  • Timer Mode
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Interactive Digital Display

Information is displayed on the front panel.

High Density Filter

40% more holes per square centimetre than standard filters.

Timer Mode

Set and forget.

More Key Features

Service Friendly

Innovative design makes it simple to install and maintain. Integrated parts, smarter construction and simplified electronics means this range is a breeze to service and maintain.

Gold Fin Protection

Gold Fin Protection aids in reducing corrosive effects on outdoor coils and preserves heat exchange capacity for longer. Gold Fin also promotes the effectiveness of the Self Clean function on indoor evaporator.

Mute Mode

Pressing the MUTE button on the remote control activates the mute function, lowering the fan speed to a gentle breeze inside as well as reducing the compressor running frequency outside.

3D Air Flow

Combines vertical and horizontal auto swing to ensure an even distribution of conditioned air throughout the room.

Built-in Wi-Fi Connectivity

Download our App for your smart device and control your indoor unit remotely either in or out of home.

I Feel Mode

When you select this function, set the temperature you feel closest to on the remote control. The air conditioner will regulate the room temperature based on the set temperature, just as if the air conditioner is following you.

D.R.E.D. Connection

Our outdoor unit is fitted with a Demand Response Enabling Device Connection (RJ45) ensuring you can elect to participate in electricity providers promotional programs where they cap demand for electricity. (Currently only on offer in Queensland).

Cold Air Prevention

When starting the heating operation, the fan speed is regulated automatically from the lowest grade to your desired level depending on the temperature increase of the indoor coil. This prevents cold air blowing out at the beginning of heating operation to avoid user discomfort.

Louvre Memory

The indoor unit remembers the last angle you had the louvre set at so you don’t have to re-select each time you start the unit.

Sleep Mode

Decreases energy while you sleep, whilst keeping you comfortable. The unit will increase or decrease the temperature by 1°C. after 1 hour and an additional 1°C after another hour, depending on whether you have selected cooling or heating. For peace of mind whilst you sleep, the unit only holds the new temperature for 5 hours and will then automatically turn off.

Timer Mode

Have your unit switch on or off after a period of time you set. Great for switching unit on automatically before you get home or switch off automatically after you go to bed.

Turbo Fan Mode

With this function, the air conditioner will maximise the output of cooling or heating capacity, making the room cool down or heat up rapidly to attain the desired temperature in the shortest time.

Interactive Digital Display

Information is displayed on the front panel of wall hung spit units, such as function confirmation and set temperature.

ECO Mode

While in cooling mode, pressing this button will increase the set temperature by 2o. In heating mode, it will decrease 2o on the currently set temperature.

Auto Restart

The operation mode, set temperature, and the fan speed you have selected are memorised by the indoor control PCB. The AUTO RESTART function sets to work restoring your settings the moment power has been restored after a power failure.

High Density Filter

Unwanted particles of dust and pollen are trapped because our high density filters have 40% more holes per square centimetre than our previous multi wall hung split filters: which gives you higher filtration in the room.

Refrigerant Leak Detection

Detects refrigerant leakage in cooling mode by monitoring the temperature reduction at the indoor evaporator when unit is switch on. This protects the compressor in case of a refrigerant leak or blockage.

Long Distance Air Flow

With a powerful selection of fan speeds and 3D air flow, ensures an even and thorough air flow coverage within the room.

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