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Teco 3.2kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner TWS-TSO32HVGT

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Teco has been continuously striving in order to design and manufacture household friendly devices that are easy to operate and provide maximum comfort as well. The TWS-TSO32HVGT Split Air Conditioner is one such appliance that performs wonderfully by providing optimum cooling. The reverse cycle system of this AC makes it work as a cooling device in summers and a heating device in winters. Equipped with a gross cooling/heating capacity of 3.2 kW, the split air conditioner is ideal to be used for areas measuring up to 35m2. This makes it perfect for normal size bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, etc.

With the inner unit being protected by Gold Fin technology and a durable stainless-steel outer construction, the reverse cycle air conditioner gives a long lasting performance. Turbo Fan mode, 5 fan speed levels, and long distance air flow of this 3.2 kW air open a variety of temperature settings and cooling choices for users. Sleep mode, timer mode, auto restart, and ECO mode reduces the need for manual efforts for operating the air conditioner and makes the appliance more user-friendly.


  • Reverse Cycle: This Teco air conditioner is equipped with reverse technology which makes it capable of cooling and heating both- an ideal appliance for both winter and summer season.
  • Efficient Appliance: Featuring a 3-star energy rating, this TWS-TSO32HVGT air conditioner consumes very less energy and still delivers a masterful performance. The ECO mode of the AC turns it to standby mode as per the timer is scheduled.
  • Durable Construction: The outer body of the reverse cycle air conditioner is made of durable stainless steel and the inner composition is protected from water, acid and other salts by Gold Fin Technology.
  • Friendly User Interface: The 3.2 kW air conditioner has a very friendly user interface. The main unit has an HD display and the remote control is made with an LED lit panel. Wireless connectivity is extended to Wi-Fi as well.
  • Optimum Cooling: The 3.2 kW capacity of this split air conditioner is ideal to cool or heat spaces measuring up to 35m2 for example bedrooms, offices, studios, etc. The Turbo mode, 5 fan levels, and long distance air flow provide an equal amount of cooling in all corners.
  • Warranty: 5 Years.

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