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TECO 5.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner TWS-TSO50HVGT

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TECO TWS-TSO50HVGT is especially designed keeping in mind the Australian weather conditions. The electronic appliance is equipped with features that make it perfect appliance for domestic household. The inverter aircon unit has Gold fin technology that inhibits corrosion on the condenser coils. The in-built Wi-Fi technology makes it easy to connect the 5.0 kW convertible air conditioner to modern day Artificial Intelligence units that provide voice control.

TECO Split AC has 5.0 kW cooling capacity and 5.0 kW heating capacity. It has high density filters that provide clean and fresh air and remover odour. The auto restart feature ensures you have a comfortable sleep. The TWS-TSO50HVGT inverter AC has self-cleaning indoor which makes it easy-to-maintain. The aircon unit has 3D airflow that cools every corner of the room effectively and efficiently.


  • Gold Fin Technology: This technology keeps the condenser safe from corrosion and increases the life expectancy of the appliance.
  • Self-Cleaning Indoor: TECO AC is a low maintenance appliance as it comes with self-cleaning indoor which requires no special maintenance whatsoever.
  • Voice Control: The voice control feature of TECO split AC makes it very easy and comfortable to configure temperature and other settings.
  • Turbo Fan Mode: This feature provides instant cooling whenever it is needed. Turbo fans give our cool air a high velocity and cool every corner of a room quickly.
  • Auto Restart: In case of power cut, this feature restarts the reverse cycle AC at the set temperature and ensures zero disturbance and comfortable.
  • Warranty: 5 years.

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