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Teco 7.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner TWS-TSO70HVGT

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Keeping up with the latest technology and molding it perfectly according to the requirements of the users, Teco keeps launching top-quality home appliances at par with expectations. The TWS-TSO70HVGT Split Air Conditioner performs exceptionally well fulfilling both the cooling and heating requirements of a household. The reverse cycle system of this AC makes it work as a cooling device in summers and a heating device in winters. Equipped with a gross cooling/heating capacity of 7.0 kW, the split air conditioner is good enough to cool down the vicinity measuring up to 40m2.

With a strong durable outer body and the internal protection from Gold Fin technology, the reverse cycle air conditioner performs for longer than its contemporaries. Turbo Fan mode, 5 fan speed levels, and long distance air flow of this 7.0 kW air conditioner make it a rather versatile appliance in terms of cooling/heating options. Sleep mode, timer mode, auto restart, and ECO mode helps in reducing manual efforts while giving the appliance an efficient working power.


  • Efficient Functioning: Featuring various technological advanced techniques i.e.  Timer mode, sleep mode, auto restart, and Eco Mode, the Teco air conditioner functions very efficiently consuming the least required power.
  • Effective Cooling: With a capacity of 7.0 kW, this TWS-TSO70HVGT air conditioner effectively cools down vicinity measuring up to 40 m2. The 3D air flow system of this AC makes sure that air is flown in every direction of the room.
  • Reverse Cycle: Not only that the split air conditioner provides effective cooling, but it also works great as a heating appliance in winters. The AC can reverse its cycle switching to heating mode when the season changes and hence eradicate the need to have a separate thermostat.
  • User-Friendly: The reverse cycle air conditioner has a very user-friendly interface and operation. The appliance has an interactive display and can be controlled using an LED lit remote. Using a smartphone to operate the device is possible via Wi-Fi connectivity function.
  • Sturdy Appliance: With a durable stainless-steel outer body and Gold Fin Protection technology to protect the inner unit, the 7.0 kW air conditioner gives long-lasting performance.
  • Warranty: 5 years.

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