TECO Window Wall Air Conditioner 1.6kW Cooling Only TWW16CFDG

Sale price$681.00


With impressive cooling performance and simple controls, the TECO 1.6kW Cooling Only Window/Wall Air Conditioner is a handy solution for keeping your room cool during the warm, summer season.

Key Features:

  • Utilises an R32 refrigerant to efficiently transfer heat with reduced electricity consumption
  • Delivers automatic airflow from the left and right to evenly distribute cool air throughout your room
  • Sling System fan reuse condensate water to help agitate the water onto the condenser and reduce the need for drainage
  • Dual Drainage Multiple drainage points assist with providing fast and efficient removal of condensation, that can build up from excessive humidity
  • Fitted with rotary compressors to help reduce noise and vibration when in use
  • Removable front panel gives easy access for cleaning


Product Type: Window Wall Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner Type: 1.6kW
Cooling Output (kW): Cooling Only
Colour: White
Heating Output (kW): N/A
Energy Star Rating (Cooling): 1.5
Energy Efficiency (Heating): N/A
Product Width (mm): 450
Product Depth (mm): 580
Product Height (mm): 350
Weight (kg): 29
Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years

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