TECO Window Wall Air Conditioner 6.0kW Reverse Cycle TWW60HFWDG

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TECO provides a handy solution for keeping your room cool during the summer season and warm during the winter season. The TECO 6.0kW Window/Wall Room Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner provides optimum cooling performance and variable fan speeds.

Stay unaffected by the extreme and dynamic Australian weather with Teco TWW60HFWDG Window Wall Air Conditioner. This is an HVAC unit with three fan speeds and auto function. What makes this air cooling unit so necessary is its integration with Wi-Fi. Therefore, in case you forgot to turn off your Teco HVAC before leaving to work, you can easily turn it off from wherever you are, without the trouble to take a U-turn. 

Another important feature of this wall air conditioner is its Performance Plus via the Sling System. The Sling System fan riles up the water onto the condenser using condensate water that generates while in cooling only mode. This helps to improve efficiency while also reducing the demand for drainage. TWW60HFWDG wall reverse cycle AC also has dual drainage points that offer fast and efficient removal of condensation that is developed from excessive humidity.

Key Features:

  • Auto Restart allows settings to be restored after a power failure
  • Remote Control to help you control the unit anywhere in the room
  • Built-in WIFI allows you to control your AC from anywhere
  • Utilises an R32 refrigerant to efficiently transfer heat with reduced electricity consumption
  • Delivers automatic airflow from the left and right to evenly distribute cool air throughout your room
  • Sling System fan reuse condensate water to help agitate the water onto the condenser and reduce the need for drainage
  • Dual Drainage Multiple drainage points assist with providing fast and efficient removal of condensation, that can build up from excessive humidity
  • Fitted with rotary compressors to help reduce noise and vibration when in use
  • Energy Efficient: When contrasted to other coolants, R32 refrigerant transmits heat more efficiently, leading to roughly 10% less energy use. It also has a much smaller environmental impact, commonly known as the Global Warning Potential.

  • Easy Operations: Teco HVAC has simple controls for easy functionality. It features 4 speed fan settings and 4 operating modes. It also has features like Auto Saving Louvre and filter clean indicator. 

  • Integrated Wi-Fi: TWW60HFWDG air conditioner has built-in Wi-Fi system. If you forget to turn off your Teco Aircon before heading off to work, you may do so from wherever you are without having to drive back.

  • Dual Drainage: Multiple outlet points aid in the quick and efficient elimination of condensation that can form due to high moisture (when in cooling only mode).

  • Auto Air Flow: Automatic airflow from the left and right guarantees even dispersion of air across the room. For a constant flow direction, turn it off.


TECO Window / Wall Model (reverse cycle) TWW60HFWDG
Power supply V-Ph-Hz 220~240 - 1-50
Cooling Capacity kW 6.0
Input W 1810
Rated Run Current A 7.87
A.E.E.R   3.3
Star Rating* (Hot / Avg. / Cold) 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5
Heating Capacity kW 5.52
Input W 1690
Rated Run Current A 7.35
A.C.O.P.   3.25
Star Rating* (Hot / Avg. / Cold) 1 / 0.5 / 0.5
Plug Size A 15
Moisture Removal L/hr 2.2
Fan Speeds   3 + Auto
Indoor Cooling Air Flow (max) L/s 250
Compressor Type   Rotary
Indoor Sound Pressure (Low / Med / Hi) dB(A) 56 / 54 / 52
Outdoor Sound Power dB(A) 73
Dimension (H*W*D) mm 428 x 660 x 770
Packing (H*W*D) mm 515 x 739 x 863
Net/Gross weight Kg 65 / 70
Recommended Cut-out Size (H*W) mm 433 x 665
Refrigerant Type   R32
Outdoor Operation Temp. Cooling °C 18~43
Heating °C -7~30

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