TECO-2kW Cooling Only TPO20CFBT just available in VIC

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Available in VIC 

If you are on a budget, living in a rental property or prefer to cool only the room you occupy, then TECO Portable Air Conditioners are the comfortable choice for you. Spot Cooling is an efficient way to manage your indoor climate when the cost or practicality of a wall split or ducted system is not an option. TECO Portable Air Conditioners are portable in the sense of not being fixed or installed. Our units feature roll on castors to conveniently position your portable AC unit from room to room. TECO Portable Air Conditioners come with a window exhaust kit to vent heat from inside your room to the outside.
An advanced filter that is highly effective for reducing harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, and common allergens from the air circulating throughout the room. The filter generates and releases silver ions into the air stream from the air conditioner where they attach to microorganisms, deactivating microbes on a molecular level. Effectively preventing reproduction and growth. In addition to long term sterilization, the silver ion filter is environmentally friendly, safe and effective at reducing harmful airborne contaminants.

  • 2 Fan Speeds
  • Sleep Function
  • 1.5 meter window exhaust hose included
  • Sleep Mode
  • 24 hour Timer
  • USB Charging Port
  • Silver Ion Filter
  • Remote Control
  • Castors

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