NutriBullet Immersion hand Blender Deluxe Set

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The NutriBullet® Immersion Blender Deluxe Set adds chopping and measuring to the table. This enhanced configuration comes with a chopper attachment that locks right onto the motor body, letting you chop, mince and crush in seconds, plus a 900ml measuring cup! Dive right into your ingredients, having full control over speed and texture as you mix directly in your pot, bowl, or cup. Compact enough to store in your cutlery drawer, this hand-held blending companion features a variable speed dial that blends at low, high, and everywhere in between. 

Take full control!

Get immersed with Nutribullet's first handheld blender.
All the additions you need!
Versatility without the huge cost. Blend, mash, mix and scramble your way to endless culinary possibilities.
Convenient storage.
Small enough to fit into your cutlery drawers.
Endless possibilities.
What to create first? See below for recipes.

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