NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 Personal Blenders

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Maximize your food’s nutritional potential with the NutriBullet Pro+ 1200. It adds more extraction power, more convenience, and more functionality to the Original NutriBullet you know and love. With its 1200-Watt motor, pre-programmed pulse cycle and hands-free auto shut-off — which shuts off automatically after optimum extraction — the NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 even further pulverizes the toughest of ingredients including fresh turmeric root, blackberry seeds, wheat grass, kale and more.

Provides the right consistency for chunky textures like salsas & hands-free second blend time.

On-The-Go Convenience.

Simple, intuitive design makes this a device you'll use every day. And, it comes with the easy, mess-free, resealable To-Go Lid for busy lifestyles.
Cleans like a dream.
Simply twist off the blades, rinse with soap and water, and put the cups on the top rack of the dishwasher. That's health without the hassle.

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