PANASONIC Bread Maker SDR1530

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Enjoy The Simple Pleasure of Freshly Baked Bread

Save time and money with the SD-R2530 Bread Maker. Bake your own bread and choose from 3 loaf sizes and 3 crust browning settings. Perfect for families of all sizes. Or eat out less and make, pizza dough, pasta dough, cakes, jams and more from the comfort of your own home!

Wake up to the Smell of Freshly Baked Bread

Make your mornings worth it by using the built-in timer. Just add your ingredients the night before, then set the timer for the morning ‒ up to 13 hours in advance. Make a medium, large or extra-large loaf up to approx 1.1kg, and customise your desired crust browning to ensure your bread is just the way you like it.

Tailored To Your Taste

Make freshly baked bread with a pinch of creativity. Incorporating dual temperature sensors and a fruit & nut dispenser, the SD-R2530WST Bread Maker ensures you get the best quality bread, perfectly to your taste.

Artisan-style Kneading Technique

Our unique kneading blade is combined with specially placed ribs in the bread pan to mimic the kneading technique of an artisan baker. This attention to detail is what it takes to achieve the optimal texture for soft, fluffy bread time.

30 Auto Programs for Easy Baking

30 automatic programs equip you with the versatility to create a broad range of breads, cakes, doughs and spreads with set-and-forget simplicity. Manual setting control caters to your own custom recipes for maximum creativity with minimal effort.

Four Gluten-Free Modes

The SD-R2530WST Bread Maker provides four gluten-free functions for bread, cake, pizza dough and pasta. Catering to your specific dietary requirements without compromising taste, the gluten-free programs are ideal for coeliacs or people who simply want to eat less gluten.

Fully Automatic and Fuss-free

With a built-in Fruit & Nut Dispenser, the SD-R2530WST Bread Maker adds your extra ingredients at the optimal time in the mixing process to ensure an even distribution throughout the loaf.

30 Auto Programs for Bread Mixes, Sourdough, Pizza Dough, Cake, Jams and More

4 Gluten-free Programs for Bread, Cake, Pasta and Pizza Dough

Automatic Fruit & Nut Dispenser

Manual Settings for Bread, Cake Kneading & Rising

Dual Temperature Sensors & 13-hr Digital Timer


WxDxH (mm) Approx.

  • 408 x 252 x 362

Power Supply

  • Oceania :230V - 240V 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption

    • 505 W - 550 W


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