TECO 1200mm / 4.5m Air Flow TAC12004RC air curtain

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he Best Gatekeeper Teco products - engineered to perform.

Maximize energy efficiency and maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere with the TECO 1200mm / 4.5m Air Flow TAC12004RC air curtain. With a 1200mm/4.5m air flow, this air curtain helps to prevent air escape and reduce the need for heating or cooling. Keep your space comfortable and your energy bills low with this expertly designed air curtain.

Door Sensor

Auto on/off trigger when the door is opened or closed.

Wireless Remote

Control at your fingertips.

Model: TAC12004RC

  • Things to consider when purchasing a TECO Air Curtain:
  • ֍ Prevents spillage of conditioned air
  • ֍ Maintain warmth in winter or retain cool in summer.
  • ֍ Reduces infiltration of outside air
  • ֍ Reduced operating costs of air conditioning equipment.
  • ֍ Acts as a barrier against bugs and insects
  • ֍ Improved health & hygiene by preventing dust pollution, fumes, and odours.
  • ֍ Enables businesses to leave doors open to customers.
  • ֍ Simplified installation than many other airs conditioning equipment.
  • ֍ Requires minimal space above a door or opening (<300mm)
  • Hard wired installation required.
  • All Products comply with The Australian Standards and relevant compliances.

Mounting Height (m) : 3.5~4.5
Air Volume (m3/h) : 1360
Air Speed (m/s) : 14.5
Noise Level dB(A) : L 42 / H 45
Input Power (w) : 305
Weight (kg) : 19.5
Dimensions HxWxD (mm) : 212 x 1200 x 230

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