TECO Air Curtain 1200mm / 5m Air Flow TAC12005RC Available In all states

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 Prevents spillage of Conditioned Air, Acts as a barrier against dust, odours & insects, Easy Operation via Remote Control, Automatic Door Open Reed Switch included.

1200mm Air Curtain 5.0m Blow Air Volume 1680m3/H, Remote Control, Door Reed Switch Included

Model : TAC12005RC

  • Things to consider when purchasing a TECO Air Curtain:
  • ֍ Prevents spillage of conditioned air
  • ֍ Maintain warmth in winter or retain cool in summer
  • ֍ Reduces infiltration of outside air
  • ֍ Reduced operating costs of air conditioning equipment
  • ֍ Acts as a barrier against bugs and insects
  • ֍ Improved health & hygiene by preventing dust pollution, fumes, and odours
  • ֍ Enables businesses to leave doors open to customers
  • ֍ Simplified installation than many other air conditioning equipment
  • ֍ Requires minimal space above a door or opening (<300mm)
  • Hard wired installation required.
  • All Products comply with The Australian Standards and relevant compliances.

Model No. TAC12005RC
Mounting Height (m) : 4.5~5
Air Volume (m3/h) : 1680
Air Speed (m/s) : 18.0
Noise Level dB(A) : L 43 / H 47
Input Power (w) : 495
Weight (kg) : 21.0
Dimensions HxWxD (mm) : 212 x 1200 x 230

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