ZOJIRUSHI 1L Ichimatsu Collection Easy Touch Handy Pot Ichimatsu White AFFB-10 WZ

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The ZOJIRUSHI 1L Ichimatsu Collection Easy Touch Handy Pot AFFB-10 WZ combines modern design with convenient features. With its easy touch operation, you can effortlessly pour your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature. The compact size and Ichimatsu White color make it a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Expertly crafted by Zojirushi, the AFFB-10 WZ is a premium thermal carafe from the Ichimatsu Collection. Its vacuum liner, made of high-quality borosilicate glass, retains heat and freshness to keep your beverages tasting just as good as when they were made. Perfect for busy days and casual gatherings.

  • High quality vacuum glass liner with excellent heat retention
  • One-touch pour - just press lightly to open and close the stopper
  • Heat retention: 66°C @ 10 hrs./ 51°C @ 24 hrs
  • New "Ichimatsu” pattern, a bi-colored checkerboard pattern that has been in existence in Japan since ancient times

What is Vacuum Insulation?

Vacuum means the air between 2 layers of glass has been removed to create a vacuum insulation. It blocks heat from transferring through air (conduction). Zojirushi glass vacuum insulation also features a silver plating between the 2 layers. This silver plating reflects heat (radiation), further minimizing the temperature change of your drink. Lastly, heat is blocked from escaping through the opening (convection) with a tightly closed lid.

All Zojirushi glass vacuum liners are made in Japan using medical-grade-equivalent borosilicate glass.

About Zojirushi

In 2018, Zojirushi Corporation celebrated its 100th anniversary, and a century of products designed to improve customers' quality of life-bringing comfort, ease, vitality and affluence to people around the world. Zojirushi was established in 1918 as a producer of hand-blown vacuum bottles. The Zojirushi line was expanded to include a wide range of stainless steel vacuum bottles, rice cookers, breadmakers, Air Pot beverage dispensers, thermal serving carafes, specialty cookware, small electrics, restaurant equipment and other products. Striving to remain faithful to the principles that embodied the company's first 100 years, and the reputation of quality and durability it earned them, Zojirushi looks forward to a future of continued innovation and inspired design.

Made in Japan.

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