ZOJIRUSHI NW-QAC18 Black Induction Rice Cooker and Warmer 10 Cups 1.8LCapacity

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The Zojirushi IH rice cooker leverages advanced induction heating technology to not only generate high heat swiftly but also make precise heat adjustments. This technology plays a pivotal role in producing exceptionally fluffy and aromatic rice, transforming an everyday staple into a gourmet experience. Beyond mere convenience, this rice cooker supports a balanced diet by offering diverse cooking options for various grains and steam-based dishes. Designed to streamline meal preparation, the Zojirushi NW-QAQ IH Induction rice cooker is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their culinary skills with ease and precision.

The Zojirushi NW-QAQ IH Rice Cooker combines sleek design and advanced technology to enhance your kitchen and dining experiences. It ensures even heating for every grain of rice, helping you serve perfect rice every time. Transform the simplest ingredients into a culinary masterpiece.


Induction Heating (IH) Technology

IH technology offers superior rice cooking by generating high heat and making precise adjustments. Unlike traditional heating elements, IH heats and cools faster, allowing for finer control during the cooking process. This ensures each grain is cooked to perfection, resulting in fluffier and more evenly cooked rice. Experience the benefits of IH technology for consistently delicious results.


The steam vent for the Zojirushi IH NW-QAQ Rice Cooker has been designed to prevent steam over flow to help keep the rice cooker clean and easier to maintain compared to conventional rice cookers.


  • Sleek Flat Top Panel Design.
  • Advanced Induction Heating (IH) Technology.
  • Versatile cooking options including Quinoa, Brown rice, and Steam.
  • Multiple rice cooking modes for white rice: Regular, Softer, Harder, and Quick.
  • Slow Cook and Steam functions to broaden your culinary horizons.
  • Up to 24 hours Keep Warm function.
  • Self-cleaning feature for ease of maintenance.
  • Steam Vent Less Structure for simple cleaning.
  • Includes a steaming basket and spatula stand.
  • Made in Japan
Model Dimensions Voltage Weight Power Keep Warm Power Consumption System
NL-GAQ18 (AU) (10 cups) Approx. 26.5 x 34 x 22.5 cm AC 220V – 230V, 50/60 Hz Approx. 5.5 kg 1290 – 1310 W 44 W IH (Induction Heating)

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